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DVUSD Return to School Safely
Parent Information



  • Screen your child for signs of illness prior to sending them to school. If your child shows signs of illness you are required to keep them home. If your child has a fever (100 degrees or higher) do not send them to school until they are fever free for three days without medication.
  • Make sure your child brings their own labeled water bottle to school (the use of drinking out of water fountains are highly discouraged) Bottle refill stations or water fountains may be used to refill your child’s water bottle container.


Face Coverings:

  • It is mandatory that your child wear a face covering at arrival and for parents that need to come into the office.
    • Face coverings are to be worn by students, staff when inside school buildings, and anywhere on school grounds.
    • Parents/Guardians must wear a face covering when you come to the office and must remain on until you leave the building area.
    • Face coverings must be worn by students and staff on buses.
    • Face coverings must cover both the nose and mouth and be kept in place.
    • Face covering breaks will be provided to students and staff to remove their face mask. Breaks may take place as class breaks outside staying 6’ apart, when at breakfast and lunch. Short breaks in the classroom when students are 6’ apart.
    • Face coverings will not be required during times of rigorous activity such as, PE and recess.
    • When your child is at recess, PE, breakfast or lunch they must place their face covering in some type of plastic baggie that has their name on it (ie: Ziploc baggie) and carry it with them.
    • Face coverings will be worn when transitioning to the cafeteria. Students can take their face covering off once they are seated at their table.  If they get up from their table the need to have face covering on.
    • When lining up to return to class from lunch, students will have face coverings on
    • Face covering requirements will be updated in conjunction with local and/or state agencies.
    • If your child has a medical condition regarding wearing a mask please contact the school nurse to receive the medical form that is required to be filled out by a medical doctor. Student cannot be on campus until the form is filled out or they will have to wear a mask.
  • If a student refuses to wear a face covering, and staff has redirected the student about wearing a face covering and the student continues to refuse to wear a face covering parents will be called to pick up their child and the child will not be able to return to in-person learning unless they agree to wear a face covering when required to be worn on campus.
  • We are encouraging every parent to have their child bring hand sanitizer and to have a discussion with their child about the importance of personal hygiene. This includes using their elbow to sneeze or cough into, washing hands prior to eating, washing hands after using the restroom, etc
  • Transportation requires a maximum of two students per seat with siblings required to be seated together. All students, bus drivers and monitors will be required to wear a face covering. Increased disinfection procedures will occur on a daily basis. Drivers will call school in advance if transporting a student with symptoms.
  • Throughout the day your child will be visually screened by a staff member to ensure they are not exhibiting signs of illness.


Morning Drop Off/Breakfast

  • Please do not drop your child off until the designated arrival time (8:25 am if your child is eating breakfast or 8:30 if your child is not eating breakfast at school). Students should not be dropped off early and will not be allowed to wait outside the gate waiting for the gate to open.
    • Students eating breakfast will enter through the gate by the cafeteria starting at 8:25.
  • Once the gates are open, for students not eating breakfast 8:30, students will be required to go straight to class and will not be allowed to congregate in common areas prior to this time. Staff will be monitoring common areas.
  • Gate will NOT be opened until 8:25 am for breakfast students.
  • Free Meals Return: Due to recent changes in meal program regulations, Deer Valley Unified School District  will once again be able to offer free breakfast and lunch meals to ALL children ages 18 and under, at numerous locations.  This is effective immediately, and anticipated to continue thru December 2020.  No pre-certification is necessary to receive meals for free.
  • Students will continue to receive meals through Nutrition Services or they may bring meals from home. Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria and breakfast in the classroom or patio areas outside their classrooms to ensure physically distanced and facing one way. We will follow the CDC's "No Sharing" guidelines with all food and drinks.


General Information:

  • Front office will be closed (7:30 – 8:30) to allow for appointments only.
  • The front office will be limiting the amount of people allowed to enter the building. Please make appointments prior to coming to the front office, 623-445-4104. You may enter the front office for emergencies or for early student pick-up (please call to let the front office know you are on your way).
  • Parents/Guardians must wear a face covering when you come to the office and must remain on until you leave the building area
  • For your student’s safety and the safety of the staff please make sure that this procedure is followed.
  • There will be no visitors or volunteers allowed on campus until further notice.
  • There will be no field trips, concerts or assemblies until further notice.
  • There will be no class parties or food brought into classrooms for celebrations.
  • Periodic sanitization of frequently touched surfaces (e.g. tables, desks, faucets, sinks, light switches, doorknobs, etc.) during the school day to reduce bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi on surfaces to levels acceptable by public health agencies.
  • When back on campus student’s schedules will change to ensure social distancing during lunch times. We will have one grade level in the cafeteria at a time to allow for social distancing during lunch.
  • Dismissal will be staggered to allow for social distancing and starting at 3:15. You will be receiving a separate document regarding dismissal and drop off.


Recess Information:

  • At elementary recess and lunch, classrooms will stay together (cohorting is required).
    • At lunch recess, students will not be allowed to use any stationary playground equipment such as swings, slides, and climbing equipment.
    • Students are allowed to bring personal equipment such as jump ropes from home, but should not share their personal equipment.
    • Classes will be assigned an area to play with their classmates.
    • Students will not be able to play with students from other classes.
  • 2nd Recess: the classroom teacher will be taking their class out for recess (10-15 minutes).  During this time students will have access to the play structures and swings.  Each grade level will come up with a rotating schedule so each class has access to these areas during the week.


Specials and Departmentalized Classrooms:

  • Students will travel as a class to their specials, except for technology. Technology will occur in their classroom.
  • Departmentalized grades:
    • 4th grade students will travel to classes as a cohort.
      • Student will remain in a cohort and stay in an area outside the next classroom waiting for the class to depart the classroom. 
      • Student desks and chairs will be disinfected in between classes.
      • Students will carry their belonging with them. Please limit what your child is bringing with them to school.
    • 5th and 6th grade students will remain in their classrooms and the teachers will transition to the different rooms to limit amount of students traveling.


  • Please have your child bring back supplies, books, and technology when they return to learning on campus.
  • Supply List is located at:
  • Please make sure any supplies you have your child bring has their name on it, as it will remain in their desk for their use only. You child can bring the supplies in or you can drop them off at the front office and they will get them to your child’s classroom.


For more information please visit the district website:


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