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Parking Lot Procedures & Reminders

Parking Lot Entrance/Exit: The parking lot entrance and exit will be closest to the middle school basketball courts and park.  Cars will enter the lot to the right of the newly installed white poles and follow the arrows down the first row of parking spots.  Cars will then curve to the left and pull all the way up to the bike racks before students exit their cars at arrival or enter their cars at dismissal.  (See Figure 1) All cars will then follow the exit arrows out of the parking lot and will be permitted to turn left or right when exiting Paseo Hills parking lot.  (Please see attached map for clarification.)  *This will hopefully help prevent standing cars on the street closest to Louise Ave. stop sign and allow a more efficient and safe arrival and dismissal.

Arial map of Paeo Hills with new parking directions indicated by yellow arrows.


Main Gate:  The main gate at the front of the school (west side of campus) has been  redesigned to open to the Multi-Purpose Room.  This gate provides access to our families that attend Rattler’s Den as well as families that attend events in the evenings on our campus.  This allows us to secure the rest of the campus after school and overnight.

In addition, this gate will continue to serve as a Student Only Entrance/Exit during arrival and dismissal.  Students that eat breakfast should arrive by 8:15 AM to be admitted at this gate.  Students that are dropped off or walk to school will use this entrance starting at 8:30 AM.  After school students will be dismissed from this gate. (See Figure 2)

Bus Gate:  The bus gate located on Louise Drive (south side of campus), is only used for   Bus Riders Only Entrance/Exit.  We no longer open the double gate on this side of the school in the mornings and afternoons.  Students that walk to school enter and exit campus using the main gate at the front of the school.  This allows bus riders to enter/exit the gates in a more orderly fashion and expedite the time it takes to get on the buses after school. (See Figure 3)

*Please note:  Visitors will not be permitted to sign in at this gate.

Office Entrance:  When visitors enter the office, they will need to follow sign-in procedures and then be “buzzed” in to the interior of the administration building.


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