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Information Regarding Safety Changes

Dear Rattlers Families, 

I am writing to provide an overview of some exciting changes that will occur as we transition to the 2016-2017 school year.  Based on site visits from Phoenix Police Department, Safety Task Force, DVUSD Safety Director and Facilities Director we will be implementing several changes to increase safety within our school community.

  1. Crosswalk Change:  The crosswalk located on Louise Drive and 32nd Avenue, will be painted over and relocated to the corner of Louise Drive and 33rd Drive.  All students and community members are expected to use this crosswalk. (See Figure 1)
  2. Main Gate:  The main gate at the front of the school (west side of campus) will be redesigned to open to the Multi-Purpose Room.  This gate will provide access to our families that attend Rattler’s Den as well as families that attend events in the evenings on our campus.  This will allow us to secure the rest of the campus after school and overnight. (See Figure 2)

In addition, this new gate will serve as a Student Only Entrance/Exit during arrival and dismissal.  Students that eat breakfast should arrive by 8:15 AM to be admitted at this gate.  Students that are dropped off or walk to school will use this entrance starting at 8:30 AM.  After school students will be dismissed from this gate.

*Please note:  Visitors will not be permitted to sign in at this gate.

  1. Bus Gate:  The bus gate located on Louise Drive (south side of campus), will be a   Bus Riders Only Entrance/Exit.  We will no longer be opening the double gate on this side of the school in the mornings and afternoons. Students that walk to school will enter and exit campus using the main gate at the front of the school. This will allow bus riders to enter/exit the gates in a more orderly fashion and expedite the time it takes to get on the buses after school. (See Figure 3)

*Please note:  Visitors will not be permitted to sign in at this gate.

  1.  Office Entrance:  The front office entrance will receive a remodel. A wall will be built and a full door will replace the half door that is currently in place.  Visitors will need to follow sign-in procedures and then be “buzzed” in to the interior of the administration building.

It is the mission of Paseo Hills for students to become self-directed learners through successful communication, digital literacy, and positive relationships.  Paseo Hills embraces a rigorous academic environment, global citizenship, and strong character education. We appreciate your support as we continue to focus on increasing the safety within our school community.





Dawn M. Pace                                                              Jamie R. Hood

Principal                                                                        Assistant Principal
Arial map of campus depicting gate changes
Nicholle Apuan