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The Nailed It Wall Podcast


Mrs. Scofield and Mr. Lane the STEM Guy both have an affinity for getting lost even with Google Maps leading the way. Don't ask us how a girl from California and a kid from Maine found their final destination in Arizona? After years of being lost on the Podcast highway it seems they have finally found their exit and figured this whole podcasting thing out (two can only hope). Come and join them as they get lost in the world of #edtech, a little thing called life, and the two of them basically nailing it all along the way (good and bad).

The Nailed It Wall Podcast is a weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into the challenges that both students and teachers face in and out of the classroom. Join Mrs. Scofield (8th grade science teacher) and Mr. Lane the STEM Guy (STEM/Computer Science teacher K-8) as they discuss their highest of highs and laugh at their lowest of lows.

Download, subscribe, and listen.  It is available for iOS/android and all your favorite podcast apps.