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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


SH Parking Lot Map



The following guidelines will help ensure the safety of all. Please discuss these guidelines and emphasize the safety factors with your child.


Arrival Procedure


  • Students may arrive between 8:30-8:45. Students will not be permitted on campus or in the office earlier than 8:30 unless you are part of Stallion Stables.
  • Students will be expected to report directly to their homeroom teacher or first period class at 8:30 a.m. when the gates open.
  • We encourage all families to have a child(ren) walk or ride a bike whenever possible. This will help to alleviate congestion in the front parking lot.
  • Front parking lot will be DRIVE THROUGH DROP-OFF ONLY, parents will remain in vehicles. Staff members will assist, as needed, with getting kids out of vehicles. Parents may not walk their children up to the building.
  • Busses will maintain regular routing.
  • Students needing breakfast will stop by the cafeteria and eat before going to their classroom.


Dismissal Procedure


  • A staggered procedure will be used for dismissal.
  • 3:15 Kindergarten students and/or siblings of kindergarten
  • 3:20 Students with the last name A-L
  • 3:30 Students with the last name M-Z (M-Z Parents will not be permitted to wait at the blue line until 3:30. Please do not arrive before your scheduled time or you will be asked to loop around or park).
  • 2:00 Release on Friday for PLC Days:

    1:45 Kindergarten
    1:50 A-L
    2:00 M-Z

  • Bus riders will be dismissed as buses arrive; bus riders will report to normal bus quads as in prior years.
  • Students are encouraged to walk or take the bus to limit parking lot traffic.
  • Parents may not wait by bus gate or front parking lot (can meet students at off campus location) **Note- parents of kindergarteners who walk and do NOT have a sibling may wait by the kindergarten gate.
  • As with morning drop-off, parents are to remain in cars at all times and continue pulling forward along the blue lane to the bike rack. The front parking lot blue lane is for DRIVE THROUGH DROP-OFF/PICK-UP ONLY. We discourage parents from arriving early for drop off and pick up. This will alleviate congestion on Stetson Hills Loop for the community.


We ask drivers to refrain from blocking the bus bay, crosswalk, and parking lot entrance. Leave space when possible, and be patient with fellow drivers. We appreciate your cooperation in following all traffic and safety expectations to help assure a smooth and safe arrival and dismissal.