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Top 20 Social Emotional Program

top 20 mission


For the last few years Sunset Ridge has partnered with the Top 20 company to deliver very comprehensive social and emotional lessons to all of our students. Each lesson has been tailered to that particular grade level and is focused on the concept that each person is in control of their emotions and how they handle and situation.

above the line


One of the popular phrases from this program is "Are you above the line?" meaning have you put yourself in the state of mind where you are in control of your emotions. We all have bad days and sometimes we do dip "below the line" but it is important to learn that we only visit below the line, we do not set up camp down there!!


Some of the other topics covered in this curriculum are: 

  • Thinking - being self-smart
  • Learning - be school-smart
  • Communicating - making you people-smart