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All Things EQ!

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At Sunset Ridge we make it a priority to teach to the whole child which means addressing the social and emotional needs of every student as well as the academics. This year we have started a brand new program that we are very excited about – All Things E.Q.

Each quarter will spotlight a theme along with a weekly motto to emphasize the topic. Each week, teachers will post and present this motto in their classrooms.In addition, a short video will be shown at the beginning of the week that will highlight the motto for the week and provide insight to our students.Videos are age appropriate for our grade level bands.

To learn more about the program and to sign up for weekly emails, please visit the following sites:

All Things E.Q. Website

Parent Introductory Letter

Parent Email Sign Up 


4th Quarter

  • 3/18 Motto = I adapt and make the most of change
  • 3/25 Motto = I look for solutions, not blame
  • 4/1 Motto   = I am willing to make things better
  • 4/8 Motto   = Tough times happen, but I'm tougher
  • 4/15 Motto = I don't complain about what I can't change
  • 4/22 Motto = I can see things from many different points of view
  • 5/6 Motto   = I look for solutions, not problems


3rd Quarter Theme: "Am I Making An Honest Effort"

  • 1/14 Motto = I bring effort to everything I do
  • 1/22 Motto = I work through confusion
  • 1/28 Motto = I make time for both work and play
  •  2/3  Motto = I find purpose in everything I do
  • 2/11 Motto = I am always improving
  • 2/18 Motto = I drop my shoulders, a take a few breath, I can handle this
  • 2/25 Motto = Our duty aids correct us because they care about us
  • 3/4 Motto   = I do my best because doing less is a waste of my time and potential
  • 3/11 Motto = My brain changes and grows when I learn



Quarterly Themes:

 all things eq quarterly themes