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#Extraordinary Staff acknowledged by the District

Core Values Story

Our core values are the foundation of our district, essential to our success. Today, we highlight the Core Value of Accountability. Terramar Academy of the Arts Library Clerk Lisa Axelrod was recently nominated by her Principal for a DV Star for showing Accountability:

Lisa is one of the many reasons that Terramar has had a solid start to the school year. Her library was ready for kids on day one and all teachers received their technology before the school year even started. Lisa ventures to the office to help the office ladies often. It could be when one of them is out, or just to pop up to help them with tardies. We don't even need to ask. She sees the need and just jumps in naturally. Teachers often have many requests for lamination and things to get ready for their school year. Lisa is always on top of all of that and gives it to them before they even expect it. She is part of our DIBEL team in testing kids and really does practice and believe that all kids can learn and that all kids are the responsibility of everyone. Terramar is amazing because of Lisa and I am just so grateful that she is with us.