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New Crossing Guard Starting on 1/7/19

Exciting news!  New Crossing Guard at Terramar exit light.

Terramar Community,

I am happy to share with you that starting on January 7, 2019 at 7:45am and 3pm we will have a crossing guard on the west side of the intersection at the Terramar exit light that we share with CCV. Having this new crossing guard will allow all parents to park their cars across the street and send their students across the intersection with the help of the crossing guard.

Our past challenge in the afternoons was that cars would line up on Happy Valley Rd waiting to enter into our parking lot. This created a major problem in bringing in our school buses off Happy Valley into our bus bay.  Having this new crossing guard in the afternoon, will allow parents to avoid waiting out on Happy Valley. Please take advantage of parking at CCV and arranging for your children to cross at the light with the crossing guard to the CCV side where you can wait.

Our goal of having this crossing guard is two fold.

1.    To help cross students safely from CCV to Terramar and vice versa.

2.    To pull cars off Happy Valley Rd during pick up to allow the school buses to enter the bus bay.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation in working with us as we make our drop off and pick up safe and stress free for everyone.

Please remember to drive slowly in the parking lot and to enter on the correct side of the concrete barrier entrance. The fine for coming in the wrong way is over $350 and Peoria Police has shared with us that they will be back to help with enforcement

Have a wonderful holiday break with friends and family.  See you on January 7th!



Sharon Wieser


Terramar Academy of the Arts