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Titan Weekly Winners!

Be a T.I.T.A.N!
Trushworthy - being honest and truthful
Integrity - doing the right thing even though no one is watching
Tender-Hearted - showing great kindness and sensibility
Accountability - taking responsibility 
Noble - holding self to high regards of respect and unselfishness
These are the winners for the Titan Drawing of the Week.  Nice job on being a T.I.T.A.N. 
March 13 winners are....
1st Shelby S.
2nd Kloey M.
5th Nathan G.
7th Payton S.
8th Kali B.
Kindergarten Wes L.
6th Carsen P.
4th Jadin K.
3rd Ava V.
March 27 winners are....
1st Vanessa Ol.
2nd Nathan S.
3rd Hayden W.
4th Brylee C.
5th Michael G.
6th Lastacia B.
7th Talon G.
8th Christian A.
kindergarten Brynlie M.

April 3 winners are .....


5th Kardyn E.
7th Reghan S.
Kindergarten Camryn S.
2nd Madeleline M.
8th Chris W.
3rd Liam W.
4th Kiley C.
1st Christian B.
6th Nathan K.


April 10 winners are...


1st Brynn H.
2nd Eilee P.
3rd Liam W.
4th Hasan A.
5th Aubrey P.
6th Brelijah S.
7th Noah V.
8th Melanie S.
Kindergarten Natalie N.


 April 17 winners are ...


1st Nick J.
2nd Reagan S.
3rd Riggs B.
4th Jake O.
5th Kayli M.
6th Cheyenne F.
7th Braiden K.
8th Adam G.
Kindergarten aryanna W.


 April 24 winners are...

1st Maxx H.
2nd Sebastian M.
3rd Addilyn W.
4th Kaitlyn B.
5th Brody H.
6th Teagan C.
7th Pihana L.
8th Elizabeth L.
Kindergarten Gavin P.


 May 1st winners are:

1st Alex M.
3rd Hayden W.
4th John B.
5th Ella H.
6th Mikaela C.
7th Hailey S.
K Lucy B.
2nd Armand R.
8th Payton K.


 May 8th Winners

1st Kieryn R.
3rd Khloe E.
4th Laney S.
5th Brooklyn H.
6th Wyatt M.
7th Ricky U.
8th Lindsay D.
Kindergarten Preston M.
2nd Hanna W.


May 15th winners...

Kindergarten Aviana C.
2nd Lindsie W.
1st Jonah G.
5th Julia W.
3rd Macey S.
4th Major S.
6th Samuel G.
7th Jace J.
8th Lily V.