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Meet the Teacher / Curriculum Night Information

Monday, July 19th - Office Opens to the Public

Office Hours 7:30am - 4:00pm 


Meet the Teacher/Curriculum Night starts in Multipurpose Room (MPR)

**Check Powerschool for Teacher Names**


Tuesday, July 27th 

1st Grade 3:00pm- MPR

3rd Grade 3:45pm- MPR

4th Grade  5:00pm MPR

SAGE (3rd and 4th Grade ) 4:30pm- Library


Wednesday, July 28th 

 2nd Grade 3:00pm- MPR

 5th Grade  3:45pm- MPR

 6th Grade  5:00pm- MPR 

 SAGE (5th and 6th Grade) 4:30pm- Library


Thursday, July 29th 

Pre-school 2:45pm- Library

Kindergarten 3:30pm- MPR

7th and 8th Grade will begin at 3:30pm Starting in Period 1 - see schedule below:

3:30-3:45- Period 1
3:48-4:03- Period 2
4:06- 4:21- Period 3
4:24- 4:39- Period 4
4:42- 4:57- Period 5
5:00-5:15- Period 6



Monday, August 2nd - First day of School- Gates open at 8:00 am 

Dismissal: Kinder-1st 2:50pm 2nd-8th 3:00pm


Friday, August 6th Early Release  Kinder-1st 1:20pm 2nd-8th 1:30pm