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Parking Info

Patience, Patience, Patience :)

No cars allowed in the bus bay.

• PARK AT CCV AND AVOID THE PARKING LOT. We have a crossing guard positioned at the intersection we share with CCV from 7:30-7:50am and 2:50-3:15pm. We will happily walk your children across the intersection.

• Crossing guard times at Desert Moon and 68th Ave are 7:30-8:15am and 2:50-3:25pm.

• Do not leave cars unattended and please follow all directions entering and exiting the parking lot. Parking in handicap spaces are for those with proper identification.

• The front parking lot has ONE lane for student loading/unloading. This lane is along the BLUE sidewalk curb only. The outside lane is used once loading and unloading is finished.

• If you want to DROP OFF your child at the curb, follow along the blue curb and have your child exit on the RIGHT side of your car on the side closest to the blue curb.

• If coming from the East, please use the parking lot divider appropriately and wait in the right lane if there is a line. The left side of the parking lot divider is for traffic making a left into the lot from West bound traffic. Peoria police will ticket vehicles who don’t use the traffic barrier correctly to bypass the line. The ticket is over $300.

• Afternoon pick up- Kinder and 1st grade students dismiss at 2:50pm. Parents must meet the teacher at the gate. Please park in the parking lot or CCV and walk to the gate.

• Afternoon pick up- 2nd-8th grade students dismiss at 3pm. No student will be allowed to cross into the Terramar parking lot unless escorted by the parent. If you park in the Terramar parking lot, you must come to building/gate to get your child.

• Friday Early Release/PLC dismissal times: K1 is at 1:20pm, 2nd-8th grade is at 1:30pm. Students who walk or ride their bikes East will park in the East pike rack, and will exit through Terramar Park to the East of the bus bay.