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WW Alumni - Where are they now?

I started taking advanced classes at West Wing in 6th grade and continued to enroll in honors classes throughout high school. The academic skills I learned at West Wing were far-reaching, but more importantly, I learned to challenge myself. My participation in the school’s Student Council and NJHS also prepared me well for the clubs and extracurricular activities I decided to pursue in high school. I learned how to be a leader and how to enact change. Looking back, one of my favorite memories was tutoring first and second graders for the NJHS afternoon tutoring program and witnessing the difference I was able to make. Through these activities, I formed strong relationships with teachers and advisors who provided invaluable support and mentorship for my academic and extracurricular involvements at West Wing. My time at West Wing formed the foundations for a successful high school career and I am proud to call myself an alumna of the school.
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