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Home Learning-Attendance Policy

Thunderbolt Parents,                                                                                                   4/25/20

In an effort to track which students are not at least participating in one meaningful engagement activity once a week, we will now be implementing an attendance procedure that will allow for us to better track students who are not participating in the home learning activities. Beginning Monday the 27th teachers will review their logs that they have been keeping for students that have not engaged in the home learning the week before, and using a new code in PowerSchools, will mark the student absent for the entire week prior. So for example on Monday the teacher will review their records and if the student did not participate from April 20th-April 24th, then they would be marked absent for the entire week with the code 'HL' which is for Home Learning. We will then be able to run a report to engage with the students that have not been participating and also contact their parents and or guardians. In order not to be marked absent, students need only to participate in at least one meaningful engagement activity during the week in their class. 

As always, when we adjust to try to ensure that we are doing what is best for students, we may have some challenges. If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact either myself at or Mr. Berg, at

Thank you,

Patricia Resetar