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Parking Lot Traffic Pattern

Parking lot announcement

Greetings Falcons, this is Matt Hreha Principal of Hillcrest Middle School with an important announcement:

Falcon community, we have now had a couple days under our belt of the new traffic patterns in our parking lot. As a school that always looks to improve how we do things, I have taken the input from staff and parents to make a small alteration to the traffic pattern. Everyone will still enter the parking lot from the south entrance. Please remember that there are 2 lanes to enter. It flowed really well when the northbound traffic on 71st ave would turn into the right lane and the southbound traffic on 71st would turn into the left lane of the new south entrance. We have now painted a new arrow that allows for parents that are in the left lane to turn into the middle lane of our parking lot. This allows for another dropoff point for students. The only thing that we ask is that all students cross at the main parking lot crossing by the flag. I have sent an email and have attached a map that shows the new flow with the added lane as well as posting a new copy of the map on the website. Thanks for all that you do and GO FALCONS!


Parking map