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Hillcrest Virtual Learning Schedule and Front Office Hours

Greetings Falcons, this is Matt Hreha, Principal of Hillcrest Middle School with an important announcement:

Falcon parents, first of all I wanted to welcome you all to Hillcrest Middle School for the 2020-21 school year. I do realize that this is not what you envisioned the start of the year to look like, but I wanted to assure you that we are preparing for an engaging, rigorous and amazing online learning experience for the first quarter. I will be sending out a series of messages over the next couple of weeks that will give you information for the upcoming year. I will also be posting those messages on the website as well so that you have another way of accessing the information.

This first announcement is related to our schedule that we will be having for the online learning. We will be using a block schedule so that our students will have 3 classes a day for an A and a B schedule. Each class will last 2 hours and there will be a lunch break. There will be times that your student will have to be on with the teacher and then there will be times in which they will have independent work to complete by the end of the block. This will follow a normal 8:10-3:00 school day schedule during the week and a 8:10-1:30 schedule for early release Fridays. Below is a link to the schedule I want to emphasize that this will be more structured environment then the spring quarter and will require that your student attends every day. For state attendance reporting at the beginning of the day we have added a homeroom period (1st hour) that students will check in and then report to their first class of the day. This period will only last 5 minutes, as reflected on the schedule.

I want to thank all of you for your patience and cooperation during this time and I am excited about the upcoming year and overcoming all of these challenges together!

Thanks and GO FALCONS!

HMS Schedule