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New Grading Policy

Greetings Falcons, this is Matt Hreha, Principal at Hillcrest Middle School with an important announcement:

Falcon parents as you may know the Deer Valley Unified School District has had discussions over the last 4 years about the grading system that the district uses. Several schools in the district, including Sandra Day O'Connor High school, have gone to a 0-4 grade scale to assess students progress toward mastering the state standards that are taught in a class. In an effort to not only come into alignment with this grading philosophy as well as ensuring that there is more accuracy in grade reporting, Hillcrest will be immediately implementing a 49% basement for grading purposes. This means that the lowest score that a student can receive in a class will be a 49% on any assignment or assessment. This will allow for more accurate reporting of grades as well as giving students opportunities to demonstrate mastery on an assignment or an assessment without the detrimental impact that a 0 has on a grade.

We realize that this may be a philosophical change to some in how we view grades but we want to always continue to look at our practices and improve them when needed.

We thank you for your continued support of Hillcrest Middle School and... GO FALCONS!