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Dropoff and pickup reminders

Greetings Falcons this is Matt Hreha principal at Hillcrest Middle School with an important announcement:

Falcon parents this is just a reminder that if you come into our parking lot using the left lane that you are to turn into the middle row of parking spots to drop off or pick up your student. If you choose the right lane, you should drop off or pick up by the sidewalk or the front of the school. This is to help with flow of traffic and to provide a lane to the left of each of the areas for people to exit. Click here for a parking lot map 2021-22 Parking lot flow map

Glendale PD has also asked me to remind parents that the lane coming to the school and the lane on Patrick avenue as well as the neghborhood across the street from Hillcrest are not meant for pickup or dropoff. Glendale PD has told me that they can issue citations due to getting complaints from the residence in the houses around the school

thank you for your cooperation in this matter and ......GO FALCONS