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Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame
BGHS Graduates: Please send information and links about your amazing accomplishments after high school to a current counselor or administrator.
Heather Weller - Alumni 2016

Best New Artist
Heather Weller 
Weller, a recent Arizona State University art-school grad, combines surrealism with a Renaissance palette to create photorealistic paintings unlike any other local artist. Moody portraiture and metaphorical livestock are her thing, and her popular gallery exhibits suggest this fine artist is about to break big.


Bri Wilson-Sommers - Alumni 2013
My favorite memory from BGHS was cooking staff and students breakfast on Wednesday mornings with the culinary club
I am a nurse at a level 3 NICU. My job involves caring for extremely premature and critically ill newborns. My job helps the world by helping families through some of the toughest times of their lives. Thanks to modern medicine and highly trained medical professionals, these sick babies have the opportunity to go home and thrive. These children have their whole lives ahead of them and the NICU gives them that chance.
BGHS helped prepare my career by allowing me opportunities to work with our schools in the district to learn technical skills. I was able to attend a nursing assistant class as a senior. When I graduated I had my CNA license when I graduated. This allowed me to work in the hospital while I was in nursing school. my time working as a CNA in college allowed me to pay for my education and gain valuable experience that has helped make me a better nurse
BGHS Alumni Bri W. , NICU RN
Dan Weecks - Alumni 2011
[Dan Weecks Productions, Commercial Pilot/Flight Instructor, American Ninja Warrior, Personal Trainor, Animal Rescuer, and more]
Click here to see the amazing accomplishments of BGHS Alumni Dan Weecks.  Dan explains how BGHS provided him a vast array of experiences, foundational skills, and exposure to many forms of diversity; all of which led him to discover his many passions and career choices.  
BGHS Alumni Dan W. holding dog near damaged structure  

MaryJane Gutierre - Alumni 2015

Favorite memory: Playing basketball for BGHS

I am serving in the USAF as a public health tech so currently I am helping Las Vegas local health district on contact tracing for the COVID19.

BGHS helped me prep for the real world because of the coaches I had during my time at BGHS. They pushed me to do better and be the best in everything I do.

Former Student Receiving USAF Award

Katrina Lemon:  Our very own, Katrina Lemon, completed the TGen BioScience Leadership Academy. One of 20 AZ High School Students to be honored in this way! BGHS is so proud! Way to go Katrina! @DV_Gifted@DVUSD  Positive message from former student regarding the IB Program at BGHS
Shantanu Bala:  Flinn Scholar and awarded Thiel Fellowship -20 Under 20 which gives him $100,000 to pursue his dreams.
Katie Whitcombe:  US Naval Academy, 2013 Rhodes Scholar