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Traditional School Update

As part of the current School Boundary Initiative, DVUSD is considering an option to create an open-boundary choice school with a Traditional focus at Bellair Elementary. To understand more about this, please see Frequently Asked Questions. Questions and answers will be updated as needed. If you have questions or would like to receive email updates about the new traditional school, click here.

To view the presentation made to Bellair parents and staff on 12/9/19, click here for Bellair Presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traditional school/academy?
Among many facets, a traditional school provides a challenging learning environment, focuses on parent involvement, emphasizes a strict code of conduct, and provides for advanced learning opportunities with a back-to-basics philosophy.

Why does DVUSD want to repurpose Bellair into a traditional school?
Given declining enrollment at Bellair, the District wishes to provide more options to families who live in and outside the current Bellair attendance zone. DVUSD would also like to recapture many students who currently attend charter schools who have a focus on traditional education. There are several traditional charter schools located in or near the southern boundaries of our District’s attendance zone.

Do other school districts have “traditional” schools?
Many surrounding districts have added a traditional school. Some of these districts are Peoria, Dysart, Scottsdale, Alhambra, Phoenix, Madison, and Washington.

What is an open-boundary choice school?
An open-boundary choice school is a school that does not have an attendance zone. All students would apply through an open-enrollment process. This is a common characteristic of traditional schools and it is currently being considered for Bellair.

What happens if the Governing Board approves this open-boundary for Bellair?
Those families living in the current Bellair attendance boundary would be welcomed into either the Greenbrier or Mirage attendance zones. Click here for a proposed boundary map and the DVHS Region presentation from the first Community Meeting.

Families would then have the choice of attending the new traditional school or their new home school (either Greenbrier or Mirage schools).

Is there a dress code at the traditional school?
Traditional schools generally have a uniform dress code or school uniform. A parent team along with school staff would ultimately make this decision.

Will pre-Kindergarten be offered at a traditional school?

What role do parents have at a Traditional Academy?
In general, parents play a strong role at a traditional school. They have input into staffing, curriculum, dress code, homework expectations, etc.


If you have questions or would like to receive email updates about the new traditional school, click here.