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Dr. Finch's 500th Classroom Visit

Cookies and Clifford marked Dr. Finch’s 500th classroom visit for this school year!

Dr. Finch makes it a yearly goal to visit 500 classrooms throughout DVUSD to get a first-hand look at what’s going on in classrooms and schools. This year, Mrs. Uhlenhop’s gifted Pre-K class at Las Brisas Gifted Academy shared cookies, milk, story time, and thank you notes for him as he marked his 500th visit.

Prior to the visit, Mrs. Uhlenhop’s class studied facts about Dr. Finch and proudly shared all they learned. Students spouted off facts including, “He’s the boss of all the schools, he’s the boss of all teachers and principals, he makes all the decisions for all the schools!”

Dr. Finch settled the excited bunch and read Clifford Makes the Team to the students before letting them know he had brought copies of the book for each student to keep. For Mrs. Uhlenhop, who is not only a teacher in DVUSD but also a parent with children attending school in the district, Dr. Finch's visit shows the incredible effort she has already seen from him.

“It was such an honor to have Dr. Finch come into our classroom. The students and teachers felt so supported and appreciated. Dr. Finch sincerely thanked the adults in the classroom individually for all of their hard work. I appreciate the kind words and continual support he provides for our program and how he values our strong work ethics. As a parent with daughters in our district, I have noticed throughout the years that he often comes to the games to support the players. Many of these games are in the evening, so that truly shows his dedication to helping our students and district employees.”

For Las Brisas Principal, Mara Kurasch, it’s a moment she feels her students will remember far into the future. “It was an amazing opportunity to have Dr. Finch celebrate his 500th classroom visit at our Las Brisas Gifted Preschool. The students loved reading the Clifford book with him, and they shared thank you notes with him. Our Stars were extremely excited for this opportunity, and I think it is one that will be remembered for a long time. We value Dr. Finch's dedication to DVUSD students, and his love of working with children.” 

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