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Congratulations to Paseo Hills' Jamie Hood, the 2023 DVUSD Principal of the Year!

Jamie Hood Award Winner

Paseo Hills School principal Jamie Hood was named the 2023 DVUSD Principal of the Year at the monthly K-12 administration meeting on Monday. 

From Deputy Superintendent Dr. Gary Zehrbach; "Jamie is not easily characterized. She has a journeyman's work ethic. Her tireless work efforts, day in and day out, have left an indelible mark on the students, staff, and parents of Paseo Hills. She embodies the very essence of dedication, constantly going above and beyond to ensure the success and well-being of every student in her care."

Principal Hood's impact is reaching beyond the district boundaries, as she has been a vocal supporter of Title I schools across the state of Arizona. In addition to her support of Administrative Leadership & Services (ALS) and the Arizona School Administrators (ASA), Hood has personally advocated and testified to state legislatures about needed changes to state statutes regarding K-4 students. She has been the principal of Paseo Hills since 2018, after serving as assistant principal at Paseo Hills for three years.

In addition to a certificate and trophy, Principal Hood received a cash gift from McCarthy Construction, which sponsors the annual DVUSD Principal of the Year recognition.

Congratulations Jamie Hood, and to the students, parents, staff, and community of Paseo Hills School!

Jamie Hood group photo