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Our motto for this week is:


Have you given this moment away waiting for the next one?


Why enjoy today less simply because you are looking forward to something better later?  Rather than simply waiting for a better tomorrow, make the most of what today brings.


Here are some strategies for making the most of each day:


1.  accept the imperfections.  Rather than declare a day as good or bad, realize that every day is a mixture of both.  It's easy to give a day away at the first sign of disappointment, but each day is filled with upsides and downsides.  Don't let the downsides block your view.  There is plenty to appreciate if you are willing to look around.


2.  Appreciate the positive.  When we forget to appreciate the positives in our life, they dissolve into the background and seem to disappear.  Gratitude is a gift to the self.



3.  improve what you can.  The joy in our life doesn't need to be reduced to the number of "perfect" days.  We can include all the imperfect days we were willing to make better by accepting what is, appreciating what works, and improving what we can.  Don't wait for perfect, make the most of right now.


"I just try to live every day as if I have deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it as if it....As if it was the full, final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life."


Thanks for all you do for your students.  Here is the Key Insights and the Motto 360 for this week.


Be well,   


Danna Evans

All things E.Q.