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You are more than a moment; failure and success are temporary.


This quarter is all about paying attention to our self-talk.  Too often, our self-talk dives when we make a mistake, and we verbally berate ourselves just because we made a mistake.  We teachers can be ridiculously hard on ourselves.  We expect more and more or ourselves, and our constant judgment often burns us our more than it motivates us.  Be kind to yourself.  


Too often, students feel like past events, especially past failures, define them and they allow that failure to affect their new opportunities.


  It is not our mistakes that define us but rather how we recover from them that matters.


How students recover from their mistakes is an indicator of their future success.  The difference isn't in making a mistake, the difference is in not letting the mistake stop them or define them negatively.


MIstakes either stop students from trying or motivate them to try harder.  It comes down to the students' self-talk.


Helpful Mistakes Self-talk:

   1.  Everyone makes mistakes.

   2.  Mistakes are a normal part of learning something new.

   3.  I ask myself, "What can I learn from the mistake?"


Unhelpful Mistake Self-Talk:

   1.  I always mess up.

   2.  Everyone is smarter than me, and I can never do anything right.

   3.  I tell myself, "I will not try this again because I will just mess it up next time too."


If your students may benefit from some motivation, this quick activity can be helpful if you are interested:  THE TURNAROUND.


Sharing with students that successful people have made more mistakes, not less, can be helpful.  Students are always surprised to hear that because they think making mistakes must mean you are not good enough.  Here is a great quote to share with your students:


"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career.  I've lost almost 300 games, 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed.  I've failed over and over and over again in my life.  And that is why I succeed."  ~ Michael Jordan

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