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Do you let others determine who you are?

What we choose to believe about ourselves has an incredible effect on who we are and what we become.

"Our view of the world is truly shaped by what we decide to hear." ~ William James

When we hear another person's opinion about us that doesn't align with the person we want to be, we have the choice whether to believe it or not.  When we let other people's opinions about us become more important than our own beliefs about ourselves, we are essentially allowing ourselves to be shaped by others.

There will be times when rejecting a negative belief feels like avoiding an unpleasant truth about ourselves.  Even in times like these, we can reshape our beliefs into something that allows for better possibilities while still understanding the reality of our situation.

For example, if we fail a math class, it can be tempting to believe 'I can't do math,' but this belief limits our possibilities and may lead to a less successful life.  Instead, we can believe 'I have more to learn in math,' this belief allows for better possibilities in the future while still facing the reality of the failed test.

What is true for us in one moment, doesn't have to be true for us always.

We have the capacity to continually grow and improve, and with the right beliefs, we can make it happen.


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