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Hello BCHS Parents,

During this time of unprecedented change, we wanted to reach out and offer support. If you are not already receiving the weekly All Things E.Q. insights, you can do so here BCHS E.Q. Update.

In light of the current situation, we are including two additional tools you can use at home, if you choose, to discuss these topics at home.
  1. The first tool is our Key Insights, which include strategies and reflection questions regarding this week's topic.
  2. The second tool is our Motto 360. The Motto 360 is a way to look at the motto from many different points of view - a full circle if you will. The discussion begins by asking the student:
  • What is OBVIOUS about this motto? What do you already know?
  • When is the OPPOSITE true? Is there a situation when applying this motto would not be helpful?
  • What OBSTACLES or mental blocks do you have, that you need to overcome to apply this motto in your life?
  • How can you OVERCOME those obstacles?
  • If you do, what are the likely OUTCOMES you would see in your life as a result?
I really like the Motto 360, because there is rarely a piece of advice that applies to every situation in our life. We may tell our kids to persevere, and yet there may be times when they need to pivot and make changes, rather than persevere.

Talking through the Motto 360 with your teen provides a nice format for discussions you may not otherwise have. The best time to talk with our teens is when it is still a discussion rather than a lecture. In other words, sharing wisdom before it is needed is helpful and gives your family a chance to discuss your values together. Below is the insight that was shared with the students today.


Happy Wednesday,

In the face of a pandemic, it can seem incredibly naive to hope for a "Happy Wednesday" but perhaps finding joy where we can is the best thing we can do at this time.

When facing enormous change, it's natural to mourn what was or worry about what will be. Both are normal reactions to change, but spending too much time regretting the past and fretting about the future doesn't bring us the solace we are searching for. As difficult as it may feel, the best way to deal with change is to make the most of the moments we do have, right now.

Our motto for the week:

I adapt and make the most of change.

We have the power to improve our lives, but our power is only available to us in the present moment. The past and future will always be out of our control, but we have total control over how we react right now. While we can hope and plan for a positive future, we can never know how life will unfold. Knowing this allows us to worry less about the future and put our focus on the good that surrounds us right now by doing the best we can in the present moment.
"We have to rise above bad fortune.
We have to be in the good and enjoy the good…"
-Joshua Prager

Find the good that is all around you, and make the most out of each moment. Start right now because the best thing you can do for yourself and the people around you is to rise above.

Take care of yourself,

Danna Evans
All Things E.Q