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Creating the life you want requires effort. 


This week we want students reflecting on the fact that we cannot wish something into existence.  The life we want to create for ourselves requires our effort.


The student insight this week includes three reasons effort enhances their life: 


1.  Effort makes the most of each moment

No matter what kind of moment you are in right now, you can make the most of it by bringing the effort to it.


2.  Understand what you lose when you don't bring the effort. 

By neglecting to bring the effort to a situation, you make the choice to not get anything useful out of the situation.  You may feel your time is being wasted instead of seeing the opportunities that are available to you if you are willing to bring the effort.  Without effort, opportunities are missed, and boredom becomes a companion.


3.  The things that require effort are more desirable.

Sure, there are things that are pleasurable that don't require effort, but you'll soon find that while those things are nice, they don't lead to fulfillment.  A good life is measured not only by how much enjoyment and pleasure we have but also by becoming the best version of ourselves.  When we achieve our goals, we feel happy, fulfilled and proud. 


   "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."  ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt  


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