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All Things EQ Parent Opt In for 2020-2021


Hello families,

This motto this week is:

Solutions require actions.

Worrying about our problems does not make them go away.  Like complaining or blaming, worrying may feel we are doing something about our problems, but it only keeps us stuck in place.  Worry, without action, makes everything feel more daunting.

Do not wait to take action until you think you have all the answers.  You likely never will.  Simply brainstorm solutions, pick the one you like best, and get started.  You can always make any needed adjustments as you go along.


"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action." ~ Benjamin Disraeli.


The three steps below can help motivate you to take the action you need to live the life you deserve.


1.  You can remove barriers!

Everyone wants to put off what we do not want to do, but procrastination only makes things worse.  Even our downtime is less enjoyable when a task is hanging over our heads.  Ask, "How can I help myself today?" and then do the worst first.  Once the worst is over, everything seems easier because the biggest barrier is gone.  Plus, having the worst task completed is extremely rewarding and motivating.  You deserve a great day, remove the barriers that stand in your way.

2.  You can regain momentum!

Quitting does not have to be permanent.  If you made a mistake, got distracted, or found yourself procrastinating, do not punish yourself more by giving up.  You simply made a mistake.  Mistakes do not define you - your actions do.  We all make mistakes; what defines us is the action we take after our mistakes.  You can regain your momentum; it is in your control; it is a simple decision to start again.

3.  You deserve to celebrate!

We often undervalue our daily efforts because they are not accompanied by a big reward.  However, the big rewards are not achieved without our daily efforts.  Be proud of your daily efforts and celebrate the progress you make each day!


What can I do today to help myself?

Be good to yourself,

Danna Evans
All Things E.Q.