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Hello families,

This motto this week is:

I relax my shoulders.

I take a deep breath.

I can handle this.

Life will always include ups and downs.  Even our best planning or perfect adherence to an optimistic attitude can't save us from the fact that bad days happen, tires go flat, toes gel stubbed, and perfectly completed assignments get left at home.  Bad days happen and when they do, our anger and bitterness often come along with it, inviting us to hate ourselves or the world or else to feel hopeless and that our problems are unsolvable.

While we can't always control what happens to us, we can decide to approach it in a calm and levelheaded way, even if it takes practice.  A useful exercise to help us develop the skill of reacting gracefully under stress is to take inventory of the thoughts that occur after trouble arises.  If your first question is:

"Why do these things always happen to me?"

That thought is likely an unwanted gift from our bitterness and anger and not one we want to act on.  However, if your first thought is:

"Okay, this happened.  What can I do about it?"

With this thought, you can more appropriately assess and respond to the situation, free from the heavyweight of helplessness or anger.

Likely, our initial reactions to our problems will be more like the first thought than the second, and that's okay.  When bad things happen, angry thoughts will continue to appear, but what's key is that we move on from them so that we can act upon the more helpful second thought.

The way we can move on from the first to the second is surprisingly simple.  Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath.  Yes, problems happen, and yes, you can handle this.

Be good to yourself,

Danna Evans
All Things E.Q.


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