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Parent-Teacher Conference Information for 10.22.2020

Hello BCHS Families,

Quarter one parent-teacher conferences are quickly approaching and will look a bit different this year in order to support health and safety.   This year's conference will follow the same format and time frame as in year's past, but the big change is that all conferences are virtual through Zoom. Here are some details to remember:

  • Conferences are Thursday, 10/22, from 12:00 – 6:30pm
  • Each conference is 10-minutes long
  • All conferences are via Zoom
  • Each teacher has a unique Meeting ID
  • No passwords will be required for Zoom
  • Parents must use the student’s Zoom login for security

Please click on this link now ( to see a list of all teachers and their available times. Then choose the teacher and times for conferences.

On the morning of the conferences (10/22) you will receive a document with all Zoom Meeting IDs. You may also log into Canvas and access each teachers Canvas page for their Meeting ID. You will need these Zoom Meeting IDs for each teacher's conference.

We recommend you use the iPad issued by BCHS to access Zoom since the app is correctly set up. Simply launch the Zoom App on the BCHS iPad and enter the Meeting ID a few minutes prior to your scheduled meeting appointment. You will be put into a wait room in Zoom until the teacher admits you into the conference.  Alternatively, you can use any computer to access Zoom ( Click the Sign In button at the top left corner of the screen. At the bottom of the next screen, click "Sign In with Google". You must use your child's district Zoom ID to meet with teachers. The district ID is your child's account. The password is your child's 6-digit school ID. Once signed in with your child's students login, enter the Meeting ID a few minutes prior to your scheduled meeting appointment. There are instructions attached here .

We encourage you and your student to partake in conferences to discuss class progress, get questions answered, and to set goals for the remainder of the semester.  Communication and collaboration is so important to each student's high school success! 

Please reach out if you have questions or need support. We are happy to help! 

Warm regards, 

Mrs. Brittany Sutton, Principal