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PLC 90 Minute Early Release


To support planning for student learning, interventions, and targeted support, we are excited to continue our adopted 90 minute early release Fridays to support BCHS teacher collaboration and student learning  through dedicated Professional Learning Community  (PLC) time. This time is invaluable to our teachers, and our students, as it gives critical time to our teacher teams to design skill based instruction and assessments, review student progress data, and design supports and interventions.  As many of you are planners, we wanted to make sure you have had an opportunity to see next year’s early release dates as well as the school calendar, which is available at


Please understand that there are no adults to supervise students after school ends on these days; however, if students need to stay close to BCHS, they can go to the public library until their after school activity or sport begins.  Buses run exactly 90 minutes earlier every early release Friday afternoon. You will find the Districtwide Start and Dismiss schedule here.  You can access all of our BCHS bell schedules (regular day, early release, Flex Time, and final exams) on our website at