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BCHS is an AEF A+ School of Excellence!

Good morning, BCHS Families, 

As you know, BCHS has been in the process to apply for the AEF A+ School of Excellence Award.  This award is incredibly challenging to get and is the highest achievement a public school can receive in the state of Arizona.  Yesterday, I received a call from our lead judge from our A+ School of Excellence team that visited BC in January.  Our judge had incredible news to share.  After reviewing our 70 page application, visiting our school and observing nearly all of our classrooms, speaking to staff, students and parents, the Arizona Education Foundation determined that BCHS is now  an A+ School of Excellence!  Congratulations, BC!  We did it!!  

In our 20 years of being open, this is Boulder Creek’s very first A+ School award and the achievement is truly a testament to the work and dedication of all of our jaguars:  our staff, our students and our community.   

We will be having a special day for the Arizona Education Foundation to come out and recognize our school and to present our banner, but until then walk tall, be proud, and always keep growing, learning, and dreaming!  It is amazing what you can accomplish when you do!    Congratulations, BC!  I am so incredibly proud of you!

Check out AEF's press release regarding this year's awarded schools! 

Have an incredible day, Jags, and make a positive difference! 

With gratitude, 

Brittany Sutton