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Letter to Students

Dear Mountain Ridge Mountain Lions,
Last summer I had the opportunity to go on a humanitarian service trip to Peru. While I was at the work-site I stepped on a nail and it pierced my foot. The next day me and my friends were going to the beach to surf. I had been looking forward to surfing on that trip for months. Due to my foot injury, I wasn’t able to go in the ocean and surf. I remember being so bummed that morning because I couldn’t participate in something I had been looking forward to for so long. I started to question why this fiasco had to happen when it did. That morning before going to the beach, I decided to change my outlook on the whole situation. I decided to put my frustration aside and to go about my day with a new attitude. That day turned out to be the most fun day of the trip; I laughed harder than I had ever laughed before and became so close to the people around me. I learned a simple lesson that will last me a lifetime. That day I learned that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. With a simple adjustment of attitude and perspective, a sad day can become a day full of new opportunity and growth.
Mountain Lions, we are living in a rather strange time, with uncertainty about what the next day will look like but, I trust that there are people working this very minute to put the world back in motion and provide a more clear future. I shared the story of my surfing disappointment because I see this same thing happening today. I have looked forward to the end of my senior year and pictured it as an amazing time full of fun memories with my friends. Although these last few weeks of the school year may not be how we imagined, we must be flexible to the changes going on in the world. We had no control of the outcomes with things such as graduation, prom, or sports seasons, but what we have control of how we view these next couple of weeks. I promise you all that if we change our outlook in this interesting time, and start to see it as time to reflect and find what matters to us, we will gain so much from these unexpected global events.
If we use these weeks to prepare for the future, we will thank ourselves later. I encourage you all to put this time to good use. We can begin to do the things that never get prioritized on our to do list, or develop new skills that we’ve desired. By using this time wisely, we can choose to come out better contributors to the world. We can take this opportunity to adjust our focus on what is important to us, to set goals and find ways to achieve them, to strengthen our relationships with those around us, and most importantly, get to know ourselves. Let’s not let this time go to waste. What is important now? By asking ourselves this question and seeking the answer, we will realize what is really important to us in this very second. By living in the present, we can put the past behind us and stop worrying about our future. We can find joy in the things around us right now and put the chaos of the world aside.
The COVID-19 crisis has helped me see the leadership of world leaders in a new light. Rules are made to guide and direct us down the right path. Our national and local leaders are putting rules and laws in place to help and protect us. These laws and instructions aren’t in place to restrict us from certain things, but instead keep us safe. Sometimes we don’t see that right away so we might need to take a step back to view the bigger picture.
I am thinking about you guys and hope that all is going well. Don’t lose hope, we will get through this. I know these times are tough but just remember that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
With love,
Gavin Allen
Student Body President