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Advanced Placement   Dual Enrollment   Honors
AP Biology   Environmental Biology - BIO105   Algebra 1-2 H
AP Calculus AB   Marine Biology - BIO145   Algebra 3-4 H
AP Calculus BC   Anatomy & Physiology - BIO160   Biology H
AP Chemistry   Introduction to Education EDU221   Biomedical Innovation H
AP Computer Science A   First-Year Composition ENG101 / ENG102   Chemistry H
AP Computer Science Principles (CSP)   Introduction to Literature ENH110   Digital Electronics H
AP English Language and Composition   Elementary French FRE101 / FRE102   Earth Science H
AP English Literature and Composition   Intermediate French FRE201 / FRE202   Engineering Design and Development H
AP Environmental Science   Introduction to Business GBS151   English Language Arts 1-2 H
AP Human Geography   U.S. History HIS103   English Language Arts 3-4 H
AP Physics I   United States History 1865 - Present HIS104   French 5-6 H
AP Physics II   College Mathematics MAT142   French 7-8 H
AP Psychology   College Algebra/Functions MAT151   Geometry 1-2 H
AP Seminar   Precalculus H MAT187   Human Body Systems H
AP Spanish Language and Culture   Owning and Operating a Small Business MGT253   Medical Interventions H
AP Statistics   Principles of Sales MKT267   Pre-Calculus H
AP Studio Art 2-D Design   Principles of Marketing MKT271   Principles of Biomedical Sci H
AP Studio Art Drawing   Elementary Spanish SPA101 / SPA102   Principles of Engineering H
AP United States History   Intermediate Spanish SPA201 / SPA202   Spanish 3-4 H
AP US Gov't/Politics/Macroeconomics       Spanish 5-6 H
AP World History       World Hist H