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Spring Attendance Policy

The following letter was emailed to all parents and students on Wednesday, January 5, 2022:

And for clariffication to this letter, everything related to COVID would not count against a student's attendance record whether that be an actual positive quarantine or even simply self-quarantining because of symptoms while waiting for results of a COVID test. Also, any absences due to school activities such as fieldtrips, are not counted against total absences. 


Dear Students and Families/Guardians 

We realize that these last couple of years have been challenging because of the pandemic as well as the transition from online classes to coming back to in-person learning. For these reasons we have given a lot of grace for the fall semester in terms of attendance but starting with this spring semester, we will be resuming strict adherence to the district attendance guidelines. 

Arizona State Statute (A.R.S. 15-843) and DVUSD Governing Board Policy (JE-RB) dictates that a student must be in class for a minimum amount of time in order to earn credit for any course. If a student has numerous absences (excused or unexcused) in the semester, the following procedures will take place:

  1. At 5 absences - a letter will be emailed home
  2. At 10 absences - student will meet with an administrator to discuss the fact that they are in jeopardy of losing credit for those classes. A contract will be signed followed by a call home to the parents/guardians.
  3. At 13 absences - student will be informed that they have lost credit for whichever individual classes accrued more than 12 absences. The student can appeal the loss of credit in a hearing with their parents/guardians that will take place towards the end of the semester. 

[Note: absences due to being quarantined for COVID as well as those that are involved in an approved Exclusion and Exemption situation will not be included in the above procedures.]

Please keep in mind:

  • It is critically important that all absences are reported to the school immediately along with the reason for the absence - the type of absences that are incurred will be taken into consideration in any needed appeal process to regain credit. 
  • Attendance records will not be modified after the fact. 
  • If there is an extended illness, you should obtain a doctor’s note explaining the situation. 
  • Per district policy, if a student has 10 consecutive days of unexcused absences, they will automatically be dropped from Mountain Ridge High School. 


If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the Dean of Students, Paul Strauss, at



MRHS Administration