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Special Diet Accommodations

Hello Skyhawk Parents,
As you know, we at Deer Valley, take food allergies very seriously. As an effort in making sure we are providing a safe learning environment for all students we have implemented Special Diet Accommodations. If you feel like your student might require a special diet to accommodate his/her allergies or dietary issues while at school, please see the Physician Request and the DVUSD Special Diet Accommodations FAQ. After reviewing these, if you feel that this is something your student needs, take the attached form and have his/her doctor fill it out and return it to our Food and Nutrition Coordinator, Nona Dasenbrock. Feel free to call or reach out to Ms. Dasenbrock with any questions you may have about food served on our campus. Her email is and her phone number is 623-445-5165 and fax is 623-445-5167. After the completed forms are received by her, she will reach out to you to come up with a plan/diet for your student.