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Senior Yearbook Photos

Easily schedule your senior portrait by CLICKING HERE!
School dress code does not permit the following for all students:
No T-shirts & No Jewelry (no face piercings, no necklaces, earrings are okay, gauges are only allowed if they are small and clear.)

Males: Solid Black Button Down long sleeve dress shirt open at collar (very top button MUST be unbuttoned). Undershirts must be White or Black. No Ties or Bow Ties.

Females: Solid Black Blouse/Dresses (no low-cut or bare shoulder tops, shoulders must be covered, no super deep V-necks) student may wear drape if out of dress code.

Any students who arrives to be photographed for their yearbook picture dressed inappropriately may be rescheduled.
In order to be in the yearbook, seniors must have their photo taken by Sept. 29.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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