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Virtual Learning Attendance Policy

For students enrolled in the DVUSD High School On Campus Virtually learning option, attendance is required each period throughout the school day. This means attendance is expected during the synchronous or live Zoom class, following the student’s class schedule. Daily attendance in online classes is extremely important for student success. By regularly attending classes, our students will be able to keep up with daily lessons, be provided direct instruction and engage with the teacher and other students. Your commitment to regular online attendance will also send a message to your child that education is a priority, as well as the importance of taking their educational responsibilities seriously.

We will be following the regular DVUSD attendance policy (Policy JE, Student Attendance). Attendance will be taken each period. If a student will be absent due to illness or personal reasons, the parent must call the school’s attendance line to excuse the absence. If a student will miss a portion of the day for appointments or other events, the parent must also call the attendance line to excuse the absence. A student will be marked late/tardy if they enter the Zoom session after attendance is taken or disengages/leaves the class early.

DVHS attendance line 602-467-6790