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Parking Application 2017-2018

No Applications will be accepted during the summer. After May 24th, applications will not be accepted again until 7/24.

 Parking Application 2017-2018  

April 17 - May 24: Parking Applications are being accepted for next years Junior and Senior students.
Reminder: There is NO NEED TO LINE-UP. All parking spots will be determined via a lottery. There will be two lotteries: one for future seniors who turn in their application between April 5-13 and a second lottery for all other students. 
Please print the application, fill it out completely, and return to the Conduct Office within the following dates:
  • 17-18 Seniors: April 5-13.  Note: Future seniors may still turn in applications after 4/13.  However, you will be placed in the 2nd lottery.
  • 17-18 Juniors & Seniors (who missed the 4/13 deadline): April 17 - May 24.

*Please note: An application does NOT guarantee a parking spot. All parking spots will be determined via a lottery. If more applicants apply than are spots available, a wait list will be created via the results of the lottery.