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Parking Lot & Drop-Off/Pick-Up Safety Procedures & Video

Sonoran Foothills Parking Lot Safety:

While we strive to be quick and efficient with our pick-up and drop-off process, please know that SAFETY is ALWAYS our PRIORITY. 

Please thoroughly read the drop off procedures below. 

We will not compromise our students’ safety because someone is in a hurry.

Put your cell phone away while you’re in the parking lot. 

Stay alert and always proceed with caution.

Parking Lot Speed Limit: 5mph                      Street Speed Limit: 15mph

Sonoran Foothills Drop Off Procedures

The beginning of the school year is exciting, but can also be overwhelming, especially for young children. Student safety is our priority, and limiting the number of adults on campus helps keep our campus secure.

Kindergarten Drop Off

You may stop in front of the kindergarten gate (right hand side), a staff member will open your car door and escort your child from the car to the kinder gate. PLEASE DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR! We need to keep the drop off line moving in the morning. Also, please have your child’s booster seat on the passenger side of the car so they can get out of the car on the sidewalk side. The street side is too dangerous. Older siblings are encouraged to unload here and enter campus through the kinder gate. If you have any questions, please feel free to email your child’s teacher. We want to insure that our “Bobcats” are SAFE!

1st -8th Grade: Parents are asked to say their good-byes at the gate.

Morning Drop Off (Grades 1-8)

Our parking lot is challenging, but we have found if we can move cars in the morning as far along the blue line as possible, the flow works much better. Opening another gate is not only a security concern, it will also cause more of a traffic block. Parents dropping off students in grades 1-8 are asked to pull all the way to the end of the driveway (near the bike rack). Have students safely and efficiently exit the car and enter through the big gates.

Click this link to watch the video on our drop-off and pick-up procedures!