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Cell Phone Policy

Hello Parents,

We value input from parents, especially when we have a routine or procedure that is unclear or enforced with inconsistency. Such is the issue with student cell phone use. Many of our teachers allow students to use cell phones in class for academic reasons. It assists with our lack of 1 to 1 technology. However there is never to be any use of cell phones during the day. Students are not to text during the day. If they are ill they must go through our nurse. So while they are on campus (through the gates) cell phones are not to be out. The consequences are three strikes- first time warning as first time, second time phone is taken by the teacher until the end of the day and third time it is in the office with me for pickup. Fourth time privilege of a cell phone is taken.  Thank you for supporting this rule and thank you to the parents who asked for clarity. It is how we improve.

Mr. Chartier