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Tips for a Successful 5th Grade Year

Tips for having a successful 5th grade year:

  1. Organization, Organization, Organization: Set-Up binder and dividers with pockets.  Label tabs wih core classes:  Math, Reading Science, Social Studies and Writing.  Students should organize and sort hand-outs/papers and backpacks on a daily basis

2.    Agendas:       

  •  Students are required to write in their agendas every day in each class, even if it's to say, "no homework."
  1.   Develop GRIT Behaviors:  We will be focusing on behaviors that develop a hard work ethic or GRIT.  More information will be posted on the 5th-grade website as well as the WW website.
  1.   Watch Busy Schedules:
  •     Our students have busy schedules with lots of extracurricular activities.  Students will need to learn to balance academics with extracurricular activities.  
  1.   Check Powerschool On A Weekly Basis
  •    Powerschool will be the primary way to communicate progress over the school year.  All students already have their Powerschool password and is taped into their agenda.  Parents can have their own Powerschool account, with additional features.  Parent passwords are available for pick up in the office.  
  1.    Minimize unnecessary absences:
  •   Attendance is critical for learning.   It is difficult to make up for the loss of instructional time.   
  1.    Bring a water bottle and keep chapstick/blistex in backpacks:
  •   Especially during the warm months, students will be able to concentrate better if they have water at their desk.  In addition, the dry, windy weather also leads to chapped lips.
  1.   Dress code:
  •  During the warm months, please be sure that students are adhering to the dress code (be careful that shorts are not too short and tank top straps are at least two fingers wide).  Also, make sure your child is wearing proper shoes, especially on P.E. days.  Please avoid sending students to school with rubber flip-flops that could break at school.