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This is an introductory class to students interested in the field of Sports Medicine. It is a part of the CTE department (Career and Technical Education). 
Students will learn hands on experiences that will be beneficial in the fields of Health & Medicine. 
Subjects covered include: medical terminology, emergency response, anatomy of the skeletal and muscular systems, injury evaluation, CPR certification, treatment and rehabiliation, nutrition, heat and cold related emergencies. 
Advanced Sports Medicine can be more demanding than Intro to Sports Medicine. Students will cover topics including basic anatomy, medical terminology, tissue healing, legal and ethical concerns, physical fitness assessment, nutrition, sports psychology, therapeutic modalities and therapy and exercise programs. Students will get OSHA-10 certified.  Students will learn through a hands on approach in our new Sports Medicine facility.  
PREREQUISITIE: Introduction to Sports Medicine
Students will learn about the essentials to personal fitness training. Students will be introduced to the human movement system, the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model and other domains of basic exercise science; assessment; exercise technique and training instruction; program design; considerations in nutrition; client relations and behavioral coaching; and professional development, practice, and responsibility.
Students will take the National Certification test in the Spring at a testing facility.  Upon Graduation they can seek a job as a Personal Trainer.  Class fees are required.
PREREQUISITE: Advanced Sports Medicine
This course is a supervised work experience of a minimum of 5 hours per week (paid or unpaid) in a position within the Sports Medicine industry. This internship provides on-the-job experience and valuable industry networking. Students must provide their own transportation to their worksite. ADDITIONAL INTERNSHIP SITE REQUIREMENTS MAY BE REQUIRED FOR STUDENT PARTICIPATION. A STUDENT APPLICATION AND TRAVEL FORM IS REQUIRED. Internship is delivered through the Deer Valley Online Learning Program.
PREREQUISITE: Advanced Sports Medicine (Concurrently or previously taken)
College credit is available through our Dual Enrollment program with Rio Salado College.  Students can earn 9 college credits for completion of the program. Fees are discounted.
*Introduction to Sports Medicine:
HES154-First Aid and CPR-1st Semester-3 credits
HES271-Prevention & Treatment of Athletic Injuries-2nd Semester-3 credits
*Advanced Sports Medicine:
HES274-Rehabilation Techniques of Athletic Injuries-3 credits
 HOSA:  There is a student organization-HOSA that is affiliated with our Sports Medicine currculum.  Any student interested in further developing their leadership skills and learning more about health and medicine should join.  HOSA-Future Health Professionals. Please visit the link to find out more information.  
Parents: We use the Online Learning System: CANVAS

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Class Schedule
Period Times Class Name
1st       7:35-8:32 Intro to Sports Medicine
2nd 8:37-9:39  Intro to Sports Medicine
3rd 9:44-10:41  Intro to Sports Medicine
4th 10:45- 11:43 Lunch
5th 11:43-12:13  Intro to Sports Medicine
6th 12:18-1:15  Intro to Sports Medicine
 7th  1:20-2:17  Prep