Newsletter and Lessons for November 15-19 1

                    November 15-19th Assignments in ELA/SS

Monday-  Rdg. WS with Vocab., myBook Homesteading; Writing: M4-D10 Grammar; SS-3-20 Lesson Review

Tuesday- Vocabulary; Rdg. WS., myBook Homesteading; Writing M4-D11 Revising I; SS 3-21 Ratifying the Constitution

Wednesday- M4C2D6 Rdg. Assessment; Writing: M4-D12 Grammar; SS- 3-22 Bill of Rights

Thursday-M4C3D1-Decoding, Spelling, Rdg. WS with Vocab.; Writing M4-D13 Revising II; SS- 3-23 Write Your Own Preamble

Friday- M4C3D1 Vocab., Rdg WS, myBook The Day in the Life of a Pioneer Family in 1840; Writing: M4-D14-Revising III; SS- 3-24 Write your own Article I

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