Newsletter for August 21-25

This week’s ELA/SS  Assignments

Anything not complete in class becomes homework


Monday-Reading M1-C2-D3 Rdg. WS myBook Wheelchair Sports Writing- M1-D8 Draft II- Using Organizational Strategies.; SS 1-08 Regional Attraction Project Part 6

Tuesday- Reading- M1-C2-D4 Vocab. Context Clues; Rdg. WS- Central Idea; Writing-M1 D9-Draft II, Org. Cont’. SS 1-09 Regional Project Part 7

Wednesday- Reading M1-C2-D5  Vocabulary, Greek/Latin Roots, Central Idea; Writing- M1-10 Drafting III Completing the Draft; SS- PRESENTATIONS!!!  Regional Attraction Projects!! J

Thursday- Reading-M1-C2-D6 Assessment; Writing- M1-D11 Revising I- Group Conference; SS-PRESENTATIONS!!! Regional Attraction Projects!!

Friday- (Early Release Day 1:30) Reading- M1-C3-D1 Spelling/HW-Long vowel I and vowel 0 patterns; Rdg. WS- Making Inferences- myBook Captain Arsenio; Writing- M1-D12 Grammar Compound/Coplex Sentences; SS- 1-10 Map Skills



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