Newsletter for August 28-Sept. 1

Assignments in ELA/SS for the Week


Monday- Reading- M1-C3-D1 finish Spelling/H.W. Long Vowel-i/o pattern; Vocab.- Latin/Greek Roots; Rdg. WS- Author’s Voice; Writing: M1-D10-Complete the Draft; SS-Unit 2-01 Road to Revolution

Tuesday- Reading-M1-C3-D2 Vocab. Reference Materials, Rdg. WS: Plot; Writing: M1-D11 Revising I; SS- 2-2 Spirit of Independence

Wednesday Reading M1-C3-D3 ; Vocab., Rdg. WS- Synthesize; Writing- M1-D12 Grammar-Compound/Complex Sentences; SS- Unit 2-03 Colonial Protest

Thursday- Reading-M1-C3-D4 Rdg. Workshop with Vocabulary; Writing-M1-D13 Varying Sentence Types; SS- 2-4 Boston Massacre Part I

Friday- (Early Release Day 1:30) Reading: M1-C3-D5 Vocabulary, Synthesizing-Reading Workshop; Writing: M1-D14- Organizing; SS- 2-5 Boston Massacre Part 2



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