Important Upcoming Information for Fifth Grade

Please open and read attachments for upcoming 5th grade information. :)

In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week


Monday—Reading: M2C2D2 Vocab. Syn/Antonyms; Rdg.W/S- Lit. Elements; Writing- M1-D18 Presentations; SS- DAY OF REMEMBRANCE/PATRIOTS DAY-remember-reflect-honor


Tuesday-Reading: M2C2D3 Rdg. WS w/ Vocab. Visualization- myBook Miracle of Spring; Writing: Continue Presenting Expository Essays J;

SS-2-04/-5 Boston Masacre;


Wednesday- Reading: M2C2D4 Vocabulary Strategy; Rdg. WS, Synonyms/ Antonymns; Elements of Drama; Writing: M2-D1 New Module Opening-Mindset; SS-2-6 Boston Tea Party


Thursday-Reading: M2C2D5 Generative Vocab. Prefixes, Rdg. WS-Figurative Language; Writing: M2-D2 Introducing the Focal Text; SS- 2-7 Colonial Protest


Friday—Reading: M2C2D6 Assessment- Miracle of Spring- act out play final time; Writing: M2-D3 Review the Focal Text; SS- Mr. D, school counselors lesson.



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