Newsletter for Sept. 18-22

                    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the Week


Monday—Reading- M3-C1-D1 R-controlled Syllables, Rdg. WS- Author’s Craft; Writing; M2-D4 Narrative- Pre-writing; SS 2-8 DBQ (Data Based Questions)

Tuesday-Reading: M3-C1-D2 Rdg. WS- w/Vocab.; Making Predictions

myBook: Eruption-Volcanoes; M2-D5 Drafting I- Geginning the Draft; SS 2-9 DBQ (Data Based Questions)

Wednesday- Reading: M3C1D3 Vocab., Mult. Meaning Words, Rdg.  WS-TEXT STRUCTURE; Writing M2-D6- Drafting II Narrative Structure; SS -2-10

Thursday-Reading: M3C1D4 Gen. Vocab. Latin/Greek Roots; Rdg. WS  Imagery; Writing: M2-D7 Drafting III Completing the Narrative Draft; SS 2-11 What Do You Think?


Friday—Reading: M3C1D5 Rdg. WS w/Vocab. Context Clues; Writing: M2-D8- Revising I Elaboration/Organization; SS 2-12 Revolution Begins



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