Newsletter for September 25-29

Weekly Assignments in ELA/SS

Monday-No School


Tuesday-Reading-ELA District Interim #1 School City Fromative Assessment; Writing- M2D5 Beginning the Draft; SS- Sandra Day O’Connor Celebration; 2-12 Revolution Begins


Wednesday- Reading- M3C1D6 Assessment; Writing- M2-D8 Revising I/Elaboration; SS- 2-13 Rights! Part 1


Thursday-Reading-M3C2D1 Spelling/Handwriting; Compound Words, Rdg WS with Vocab., Summarizing; Writing M2D7 Completing the Narrative Draft; SS- 2-14 Rights! Part 2


Friday—Reading-M3C2D2 Vocab. Strategy; Multiple Meaning Words, Rdg. WS- Media Techniques; M2-D8 Revising ; Elaboration; 2-16 The War for Independence




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