Newsletter for October 9-13

Monday- No School Fall Break Day

Tuesday- Reading: M3C3D2 Vocab. Strategy-Synonyms/Anonyms; Reading Workshop; Writing- M3-D5 Prewriting-Preparing to Write-Opinion-Persuasive; SS-3-1 DBQ (Data Based Questions) Part I

Wednesday- Reading: M3C3D3 Decoding VCCV Patterns; Prefixes; Rdg. WS-Content Area Words; Writing- Preparing to Write-Mindset; SS: DBQ Part 2

Thursday-(Half Day); Reading, M3C3D4 Vocabulary, Prefixes; Rdg. WS: Text Structure; Writing- M3D8 Choosing a Topic; SS- 3-2 DBQ Continued

Friday- -(Half Day); Reading M3C3D5 Vocabulary, Rdg. WS: Synthesizing; Writing M3-D9- Drafting I-Beginning the Draft; SS- DBQ Continuation

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