Newsletter for October 30-Nov. 3

Assignments in ELA/SS

Monday- Reading- M4C1D6 Assessment; Writing- Persuasive M3-D15 Editing, Grammar, Mechanics, SS- 3-15 Review Chapter 4, Blooket.

Tuesday- Reading- M4C2D1 myBook- Why Go West? Spelling, Rdg. WS with Vocab.; Writing- M3-D16 Editing III Grammar, Usage, Mechanics; SS- 3-16 Bill of Rights

Wednesday- Reading- M4C2D2-Vocab., Rdg. WS; Writing M3-D17 Final Edit; SS- 3-17 Amendments

Thursday- Reading-M4C2D3 Vocab., Rdg. WS; Writing- M3D18 Publishing the Persuasive Essay; SS- 3-18 Freedom of thePress Part I

Friday-Reading- M4C2D4 Rdg. WS w/ Vocab., myBook- Homesteading; Writing- M3-D18 Share/Present Persuasive Essays; SS- Junior Achievement Lesson #3 with Mr. Czerwonka


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