Newsletter for April 15-19

This Week’s Assignments

Monday- Reading- M8C2D3 Rdg. WS w/Vocab., Elisa’s Diary; Spelling Words 1-10 cursive in journal; Writing- M8-D4 Pre-Writing-Love That Dog/Poetry; SS 5-14 Challenges of Slavery

Tuesday- Reading M8C2D4 Vocabulary Strategy, Rdg. WS-take quiz, Amplify; Writing- M8-D5 Drafting Part 1; SS-5-15 The Country Goes to War

Wednesday- Reading- M8C2D5-Generative Vocab; Rdg. WS; Writing- M8D6 Drafting Part 2; SS 5-16 Election of 1860 and Secession

Thursday- Library- Britfield; Reading M8C2D6 Week 2 Assessment; Writing M8-D7 Drafting Part 3- Features of Poetry; 5-17 The Civil War Begins

Friday-(Full Day) M8C3D1- Rdg. WS w/Vocab. Inside Out and Back Again; Writing- Spelling test, M8D8- Grammar-Adjectives; SS-5-20 The Two Sides

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