Welcome Kindergarten Parents!
This is a new and exciting time for you and your child. It will be a time of change and new beginnings – new surroundings, new friends, new skills, and new challenges. We promise to nurture and care for your child in a safe and secure environment. By working together, we will make it a happy and rewarding experience. Deer Valley Unified School District’s highly-qualified teachers provide regular and ongoing communication with parents about their child’s experiences and progress.

We are thrilled to offer a free full-day kindergarten program at all of our schools. We know that when our youngest students are provided with the tools necessary to develop strong academic, social, and emotional skills, they will succeed in school and in the future. 
Girls Working with iPad in kindergarten class Deer Valley provides a “specials” class (art, music, or PE) every day for our kindergarteners. This unique offering gives our students the greatest opportunity to enhance overall learning, growth, creativity, and physical development. In addition, several studies have shown that these types of classes increase achievement in literacy and mathematics as well.
Deer Valley Unified School District is a prestigious, award-winning PreK-12 district where we provide multiple pathways for our students to be college and career ready when they graduate. Throughout their years in DVUSD, our students have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of specialized programs, as we work toward developing tomorrow’s leaders. We will provide them with 21st century skills to compete nationally and internationally in both academic and career options that they might choose for their future.

Students are provided with technology-rich classrooms where learning extends beyond the school walls. Fine arts and full athletic programs encourage students to discover their talents and become active members of their school communities.

Deer Valley is committed to being the best. Educators receive a wealth of professional development and guidance in teaching. All teachers are highly-qualified and properly certified and endorsed, so they are able to provide extraordinary opportunities for every student in their classroom.
So when you ask… Why choose Deer Valley? Our response is simple. Because your student deserves the best education. Welcome to DVUSD!